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Submitting the watch for testing: The first step in the certification process is to submit the watch to us. This may involve sending the watch by mail or bringing it in person to The Repair Hub.Testing the watch: Once the watch has been received, after the physical examination, it will be subjected to a series of tests to ensure that it meets the standards for certification. These tests include

  • Movement Inspection
  • Accuracy Testing
  • Water Proofing

Evaluating the test results: After the tests have been completed, we evaluate the results to determine whether the watch meets the standards for certification. If the watch passes all of the tests, it will be certified and a certificate of authenticity will be issued. Issuing the certificate: The certificate of authenticity will typically include information about the watch, such as its model number, serial number, and the date of certification. This certificate also includes information about the specific tests that were performed and the results of those tests.